Come On!

A mulitplatform universe created for the Norwegian betting website Come On! The two different themes were Casino and Sports. The client wanted to show that you can bet on all devices, whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. We chose to break the boundaries of each device, making the content travel back and forth in an energized and thrilling universe that emphasize the betting excitement.


Jens Gundersen
Art Direction

Gry Halsen Sagvolden
Copy writer

Håvard Forland Isaksen
Concept, design, animation, particles, render & comp

Henrik Dyrkorn
3d model, texture, comp & grade

Kjetil Seim
3d model & texture

Thomas Christopher Pride & Daniel Solbakken

Peter Solnør 
DOP assistant

Semming Haraldsen 

Alexander Krill
texture, shading, lighting, animation, render & comp

Øyvind Fixdal
VFX supervisor, 3d model, texture, animation, keying & comp

Knut Kollandsrud

Tor Martin Norvik
concept, director
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